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Tired of worrying about the security of your credit or debit card? These days there are millions of people who fall victim to credit card fraud each year. Minimize your risk with the protection of MyTouch. 

Stay a step ahead in protecting your identity and your finances. MyTouch converts your 16 digit credit card number to your personally unique algorithm that only your trusted MyTouch readers can uncode. With this added security not only will you be able to rest assured that your card information is safe, you will also gain the added convenience of not carrying your wallet or purse everywhere you go.

Biometrics date back to being used as signatures in ancient Babylon. People would imprint their finger in clay tablets to protect against forgery. Ancient Egyptians first used these types of measurements for tax collecting. Since then biometrics have continued to been used, refined and perfected to be used today in the highest security situations. MyTouch is the next generation of payments.

Biometric fingerprint technology is currently being trusted by some of the nations top hospitals to ensure security and accuracy.