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MyTouch knows that your financial security is important to you. By recording your fingerprint as a data template, rather than an image, we are able to protect your biometric identity better. Also, our innovative technology does not just read your fingerprint, it senses beneath the outer layer of your skin. This ensures that we are reading the proper fingerprint of a real, live person.

Stay a step ahead in protecting your identity and your finances. MyTouch converts your 16 digit credit card number to your personally unique algorithm that only your trusted MyTouch readers can uncode. With this added security not only will you be able to rest assured that your card information is safe, you will also gain the added convenience of not carrying your wallet or purse everywhere you go.

Say goodbye to getting locked out of your card

MyTouch automatically verifies who you are in order to access the account so you will not be locked out of your account due to travel or unusual spending habits. You will always have your money when you need it.